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The Savage Quest, a journey of self-awareness

The Savage QuestBy Eileen Scott

This book records how the author endeavoured to face the totality of herself. While living, fully, in the everyday world, she simultaneously experimented with expanded states of awareness, taking care to avoid the many forms of self-inflation which tend to entrap those who make this journey.

Her expanded awareness, as a practical result, gave increased confidence and expertise in handling her ordinary existence. At another level, as spiritual power grew, there were profound changes in her energy and her biological systems.

The book is entitled ‘The Savage Quest’ because, as Carl Jung wrote of his own experience, the author was not sure whether she was the hunter or the hunted. It is subtitled ‘A Partial Reality’ because of the many shifts in perception, which occured at each stage of the ‘experiment’, when those experiences were tested for robustness and validity.



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