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The Adventures of Aggie and Oggie… and an octopus

Aggie and Oggiey Eileen Scott and Michael Scott

Not forgetting Uncle Megamog, this is a story of two sibling cats, who took a walk one night and had the fright of their lives. To us it might only be an octopus, but to young, naive, mammalian, pussies, this was a devilish monster: in cat language, a killercreeper of the sea.

They ran home meowing with alarm and hid in their beds, safe and warm. But next day there was a miracle. Their favourite uncle happened to come for a visit and, instead of laughing at them was sympathetic and kind. He did say, however, that it was unnecessary to get too violent with alien beasts, it being more civilised to spare their lives and teach them manners.






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