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Soredia Inheritance, a novel

Soredia InheritanceBy Eileen Scott

Annie, an introspective and clever biologist, accidentally discovers how her laboratory mice can become capable of producing food by photosynthesis. The bodies of the mice can harbour plant cells to make a new symbiosis. Significant as this is, potentially causing immense change to agriculture and food production, the stakes become colossal when Annie herself turns green like the mice. At this point, the novel takes on a darker quality, with violence and terrorism, as the world reacts to what should be seen as good fortune. The human population divides into two political and social groupings: those that want to be green and self-nutritional, and those who want to kill or at least suppress the mutants.

Annie finds new serenity in her life, in a deeply personal story woven into the main drama. As always, in Eileen Scott’s work, there is a charismatic animal, her dog, Fidelio, whose death evokes extraordinary sadness and compassion in the reader. But the novel ends with Annie having a new dog, expecting a daughter, and married to a good man. Her life goes on.



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