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Raven, a novel

RavenBy Eileen Scott and Michael Scott

At one level this is an historical account exploring the Plantagenet era through the lives of two people caught inexorably in opposing imperatives. In the vividly described world of Henry II, there are violent collisions between old and new cultures. Change is struggling against inertia. Royal rule vies with ecclesiastic power. War is everywhere.

The two lovers, Eloytza, the healer and physician, and John du Blois, Grand Master of the Raven Brotherhood of warrior-monks, owe allegiance to the King, but are prevented by absolute rules from giving full expression of their love for each other. They suffer intense distress in their abstinence, but their vocational dedication holds firm.

On another level, the novel traces the paranormal experience of a modern woman, and questions the solidity of everyday certainties. Such is the continuity of changing existence.



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