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Floy, a novel

FloyBy Eileen Scott and Michael Scott

The novel begins with Floy’s failed suicide. The river is polluted, she scrambles out, but knocks herself unconscious. She wakes, after brain surgery, with total amnesia and a profound change of personality. The book is an account of her gradual recall of the past and a reassessment of her present, helped by a new friend, Jenny.

The elements of her miserable pre-accident life were a deprived background, a brilliant but insufficiently acknowledged scientific mind, a misjudged marriage to the amiable scion of a superior and hostile matriarch, her own son being even more repellent to her than her husband, while her beloved and over-cherished daughter became seriously damaged by a fall.

As she recovers her memory, Floy writes a journal and reassesses her past and herself. She finds new pleasure in her family and her new feistiness appeals to everyone around her. There is profound inner development as well, as if her earlier brilliance is the raw material of a new and advanced wisdom.

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