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The Halcyon’s Nest, a novel

The Halcyon's NestBy Michael Scott

Published in 1998, this book was the author’s debut into full-scale writing. It describes Gerard King-Fisher (the kingfisher is a mythical bird, the halcyon), and Fern Manor, his gracious house in which lives a community of his friends and relations. Into the house comes Ossian, a poor boy from the village, who has a great talent for singing. He is befriended by Ariel, an eccentric and clever older boy who is already a member of the Fern Manor community. Each member of the community is the pivotal character of one of the twelve chapters of the novel.

The review of ‘The Halcyon’s Nest’ by Bryce Taylor contains the following lines:

‘With a fine eye for scene and a brilliant evocation of landscape and the natural world, Michael Scott gently draws the reader into a world that parallels and contrasts with that of the characters and their story. We become at first interested, later intrigued, and finally captivated by the collective destiny of the group and how each will manage the shattering of innocence and idealisation that have, until now, held their fragile world together.’


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