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The Global Gamble (Previously ‘2055’)

Global Gamble CoverBy Michael Scott

By the mid 2050’s, or soon after, our civilisation will probably have been destroyed. Institutions such as law, religion, education, and government, will have crumbled, and cities and towns will be in ruins. Yet there could be potential. The few hundred thousand who survive in pockets around the globe might be sufficiently different from the majority who have perished to be capable of starting a new evolutionary human development. There is also a theme, in this book, of change in human consciousness typified by the transforming personalities of the main characters. There is described an epic voyage in a rickety old boat of new/old people from East Africa to Britain, symbolising the emergence of improved human beings.

In a positive way, it is as if the planet itself will have shrugged off our malevolent behaviour and yet left room for human genius to flower. This is congruent with the reality that all species die out sooner or later and there is no universal law to make an exception of humankind. We are a new species on earth and we would not be the first innovation to fizzle out.



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