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Siren Voices, a novel

Siren VoicesBy Michael Scott

Sem Nancarrow a successful barrister, imagines his world. It is, in his delusionary picture, being increasingly controlled by a secret conspiracy of ‘Crocodiles’, cold blooded, efficient, human in appearance only, who are changing civilization to suit themselves. Despite the horror of total world dictatorship, Sem cannot help seeing certain advantages in this absolute regime and becomes involved in its organisation.

Eventually Sem comes out of his ‘dream’ and sees the world as it is. The ‘Crocodiles’, are still in charge but inefficient and fighting amongst themselves, in other words, acting as ‘normal’ humans. But the imaginary period has made Sem look with new eyes at the ‘real’ world. He finds new courage in himself and begins to oppose the many ways in which the establishment deceives and mistreats ordinary people. It is as if he sees for the first time what he has always known.

When the ‘Crocodiles’ bite back, Sem suffers, as rebels often do. He just survives, as rebels often don’t. Wiser, Sem dicovers what now appears obvious to him; only love and humility have any value in a world dominated by greed and aggression.


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Published by Fisher King Publishing