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Nirvana Highway, an autobiographical novel

Nirvana HighwayBy Michael Scott

Using the pseudonym, Nathan Wise, the author traces his first fifty-six years from childhood and adolescence in a Cotswold market town, to university, the RAF, agricultural consultancy, and finally industrial senior management. Meanwhile, to escape from the life he has chosen, he has learnt to be a Sunday painter whose work actually sells, and acquire a seaside holiday cottage for himself and his wife. He is aware that he is both fortunate and enslaved by cultural assumptions. He tries a new life.

The book takes a surreal look at personal development, and an assortment of sub-personalities who emerge in Nathan’s psyche. It is a better world than business, but still limited by his ambition to improve himself to some obscure cultural perfection. At last, he realises his error, and changes focus.

As the author puts it, ‘Reality’ is a fixed view of oneself and the world. It is hard to shift because it has inbuilt inertia, i.e. self-image has a vested interest in resisting a different viewpoint. Nathan has an uphill task.



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