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Mystikos (OfficePC's conflicted copy 2014-04-28)By Michael Scott

In the sixth essay of this book, the author describes his typical mystical experience: I feel removed from the immediate, mundane world, although I stay aware of it. I experience a strong connection to other living things, trees, flowers, animals, and, more rarely, people, who tend to be the very young or the very old. This connection is usually suffused with strong emotions such as grief, joy, anger, bliss, or fear. There is usually a recognition of being where I belong in the experience, but the situation is not necessarily well understood by me. The existential flavour of the experience is typically isolated in time and space, super-real, suffused with dense but rooted super-energy, as if holding me still. The energy is transformative of myself, and of others if they join in to the connection. Sometimes, the love, sympathy, sadness, or desire to help another person or creature is unbearably powerful. I am aware of a power of an ineffable kind, in myself and my surroundings, in mystical experiences, but it has no defining characteristics whatsoever. My responses, on the other hand, are highly characteristic and move my consciousness to new positions.

Footnote. In the five years since he published the book, Michael Scott has continued to experience Mystikos but now regards mystical experience as the foundation of life rather than merely a sublime passing moment. He has remained free from religion.


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