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Inward Eye, a Collection of Paintings



By Michael Scott

A book of eighty-six paintings selected from work before 2007, the author offers a wide range of styles and subjects. Some of the paintings are still available through the website. His artistic intent at that time is paraphrased in the book’s preface:


Look beyond the trenches of the everyday 

To see strange visions, beauty and ugliness beyond description.

I know I can share those first sights well enough. But I need

            Weirdness and charm and I’d like you to see them too.

            Or not. And argue with me. I would like to see them through

            Your differing eye. I would also want you to be charmed

            In your mind and even in your words about the fact 

            That I am not satisfied with reality of the first variety.

            I like bluebells as much as, or even more than, daffodils,

            But I get weary of their sameness, and their detailed

            Duty to the genetic code. I want to make my own.

            More so, I want to weave alternative visual universes,

            Making me less a victim of the gods or quantum fields.

            And another final thing. Within my wrinkled skin there

            Is an ambivalent child, holy and profane, who thinks he

            Sees wonders upon wonders, flowers in rocks, birds

            made of air, fire dancing, and the eternal icons of his tribe


Many of the paintings within the book are featured in this site.

This work is produced in full colour and case bound. Size is 210mm x 210mm.

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ISBN 978-1906377-01-4