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Imago, a novel

ImagoBy Michael Scott

There are two meanings of ‘imago’. Biologically it is the final stage of insect metamorphosis, e.g. the butterfly; while psychologically it is the perfect human inner self, the ideal image. In this book, the main character, Alexander, is trying to find his own imago, as if it still exists somewhere, while circumstances push him through a development towards maturity.

A review, by Elizabeth Crabtree, puts it this way: Michael Scott’s “Imago” is a serious and very funny novel about how male psychology may interfere with personal relationships and spiritual development. Alexander T.H.E. Small, Doctor of Ethology, retires from his academic post at the age of sixty-five. He sets out with his devoted, long-suffering, enraged wife, Elinor, to recapture his childhood. What he finds, with the help of Elinor’s immaculate intuition, and expert machinations, is a new home where he can make a new life with new friends. This is a profound book with all the greater impact for being a comedy.




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