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Harlequin, a novel

HarlequinBy Michael Scott

This is part of a review by the founder of the Oasis School of Human Relations, Bryce Taylor (where this novel and its predecessor were used as reference sources):

‘“Harlequin” traces the further fortunes of the members of the Fern Manor community after the break-up of their living arrangements. Some, as a result, are now challenged to live outside the safety of their idealised community and to create a life for themselves. All the characters face a new series of choices and decisions about their relationships and the ultimate importance of their connections to one another. We meet Ossian now established in his career but maudlin at the lack of fulfilment it brings. Many of the changed fortunes of the group are brought alive as a result of their influence on Ariel, his attempts at a ‘new’ life in America and his encounters with the darker side of the American dream.’

The enigmatic and ‘tricksterish’ Max has the last words of the novel, ‘Well, my dear friend, you see how poor is your awareness? You understand everything.’

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