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Creatures of Power

Creatures of PowerBy Michael Scott

We humans are in the grip of a power delusion, with a vast variety of ideas and beliefs, and a conviction that we are special. In particular, we tend to assume that we are the favourites of some embodiment of overall power. The source of this power, a mega-power, is called ‘god’ in each of our many languages, or we may think of it as ‘nature’, a motherly or malign celestial entity, or there is a variety of less focused names including, simply, ‘the universe’. This mega-power is either or both omnipresent and individually located, thus adding to the confusion of its identity. Most of human behaviour, as a species or as individuals, is derived from this power fantasy, though it is not always conscious. Even atheists and humanists are not free from the contagion of self-importance.

Humankind is actually just a miniscule part of the ‘great continuity’ of life. We have evolved into this mental aberration, although our survival is just as conditional as all other living organisms. We tend to regard our survival on Earth as somehow ordained, however unlikely that is.

We dwell upon our mortality, our importance, and our power, as if matters of cosmic significance. Our cosmos-sized collective and individual egotism is both our mad burden and our bizarre glory. To survive we must transform ourselves.

This book attempts to expand and analyse these considerations.



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