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Collected Poems

Collected PoemsBy Michael Scott

In Collected Poems you’ll find the poems are broken up into sub-sections which give some indication of their provenance. They are as follows – Signs of Life These were early poems in which the author was finding his poetic language and understanding of his existence. Personal Notes Here you will find poems which cover a range of family and other similar matters. Pagan Encounters Poems purely about mystical subjects. Poems of Redemption These pieces refer to spiritual concepts. Sacred Songs A collection that project a range of introspective or philosophical ideas. Evening Music Every piece here, on specified subjects, was written for meetings of a poetry group.



Review by Stephen Crowther, Composer.

‘Michael Scott’s “Collected Poems” is a fine body of work. It covers a wide spectrum of our existential condition from an innocent renewal of spring, “Stilted lambs with windmill tails/ Make a trembling fuss of being/ Woollen grasshoppers.” To the Perils of Neoteny, “…Neotenous we remain from birth to death, nearly all of us fail/To outgrow infancy, while true, deep, reality makes us quail./ The ages of man are one, so far, all for one and nearly none for all”. In fact this poem embraces two significant themes which Michael Scott explores in many of the poems in this collection: the immature, destructive nature of “the human animal” and that of a perceived, “true, deep reality”. “Blood Sacrifice”, for example, opens with a cutting, sarcastic, “I sing praises of my tribe and glorify my family/What am I? A fool?” Yet, after vigorous development on the themes of purpose, on meaning, the poem closes with a lovely hymn to this “otherness”, “Beyond the petty bind of family/There’s the cosmic connection/Being part of all that is, unfettered by an arbitrary bond.” I particularly enjoyed the poems which embraced the Elements: “In Memory of Water”, “Airily Considered”, “Disgrace of Fire” and “Earth Star”. There is a lovely, witty poem on the theme of “The Trinity” and colour, “Blue”.’

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