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Being Visual, a Collection of Paintings

Being VisualBy Eileen Scott

These images cover part of Eileen Scott’s oeuvre, also viewable on the ‘paintings’ section of the website. The photographed works in this book are helpfully sub-divided into categories. This is how a fellow-painter sees them:

‘Portraits. Twelve studies covering a range of individual sitters, of which the painter/author rightly comments, ‘Portraits are about catching the many-faceted expression of personality and, at the same time, the deeper essence of the person.’

Houses and Interiors. Nineteen exquisite paintings which are variously focused on the home, the outward views, and the special place for visual creativity.

Landscapes. Fourteen landscapes notable for the powerfully innovative approach to trees and their surroundings. They show how a strong image may be renewed and repeated to achieve new and even surreal impact on the viewer.

Water. Sixteen very searching and dramatic paintings of sea and rivers, so well-wrought and individualistic, that they remind the viewer of her portraits. Flowers. These are seventeen studies that cover a vast spectrum of colour and shape while giving the concept of ‘flower-arranging’ a new and ingenious twist. Here again, these are actually portraits. Dancers and Nudes. The human form is celebrated in twenty-one pictures, the paintings as idiosyncratically bold as any of the flowers or landscapes.’

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